Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Save at the Deli Counter

Here is a tip from the Frugal Guru: scan the deli counter.  Believe it or not the deli counter can be a fantastic place to find coupons.  If you are paying attention, you can often find tear off pads of coupons for deli meats and cheeses on or near the deli counter.  I've noticed them to be particularly prevalent at Meijer.  Every week I can usually snag a couple of coupons for a $1.00 off some kind of meat or cheese.  You can either use them right away or, what I like to do, wait and use them when that particular product goes on sale.  Take a look at this awesome coupon I snagged a couple of weeks ago:

I held on to this coupon and as luck would have it Meijer had an awesome sale on none other than Armour deli meat this week!

That's right, Armour Deli Meat for $3.49/lb, which in and of itself is a fantastic deal.  Combining that with my $1.00 off coupon I got 1 lb of Armour Virginia Brand Ham for $2.49!!!  I must add...it's very tasty!  I've seen coupons for all sorts of stuff such as Land O' Lakes Cheese, Presidente Cheese, Hard Salami etc.  

So go get your coup' on at the deli counter!

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