Thursday, January 19, 2012

Read It Forward - The Expats

Head over to Read It Forward and sign up for a chance to receive a free copy of Chris Pavone's The Expats.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter the giveaway promotion between now and January 23rd.  Winners are chosen at random. 

Go get your "read" on!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheryl's: Valentine Cookie Cards

For $5, you can order a Cheryl's "cookie card" shipped to your Valentine's house.  Inside the adorable Valentine's box is a buttercream frosted heart shaped cut-out cookie with a $5 reward card good on a purchase at!

Go get your "valentine" on!

It's a Woot-Off!

It's a WHAT off? It's a woot-off!

For all you Woot-aholics out there, today is what you live for - a woot-off! Woot is typically a deal-a-day site that sells a single item until it is out of stock or the end of the day, whichever happens first. During woot-offs, a single item is offered until an undisclosed amount (usually a relatively small amount) of them are sold, and then another item is offered. It is a fast paced day that reveals many deals...if you are smart about when to buy and when to hold off. You can easily get caught up in the fun of it all and buy something you later regret. This fast paced scenario does not allow you much time to be practical consumer, but you just might find something you never knew you needed!

The woot-off is going on at:
Go get your "woot" off!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Custom Handmade Gift Bags

Looking for an adorable and (most importantly) inexpensive gift to give your sweeties on Valentine's day?  Well head on over to domesticallyinept? to learn how to make these custom handmade gift bags!  The cost breaks down to about $1.00 per bag.  Fill the bags with candy, soaps, lotions etc. and they are the perfect gifts for co-workers, teachers, and friends!