Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Tip from "The Frugal Guru" - Creating Personalized Postcards

Do you feel badly about throwing away artwork that your children bring home from school?  It's fun to look at, but there is only so much room on the refrigerator door!  Try this frugal tip: When you are finished displaying the artwork for all your friends to see, create postcards that show off your child's masterpiece!  Then these cards can be used as thank you notes to teachers, friends, and family members.  Not only will they be unique and thoughtful, but they are also thrifty!  Just take a piece of heavy-stock paper, cut it to the size of a postcard, and use a glue stick to apply the artwork to the paper.  For the heavy-stock paper, think about cutting up an old manilla folder or using an index thrifty about it!  Plus, since the end product is a postcard, you can mail it for $0.29 instead of $0.44.  It may not seem like big savings to you, but the thriftier you become, the more you'll appreciate it :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

An Alluring Time of Year

My favorite month of the year is about to start! Every weekday in August, Allure is having  one or more giveaways. The prizes (usually for the first 500 entries) are quite generous and range in value from about $2 to $60 or more. As you would expect from Allure, they are typically beauty or fashion items aimed towards women.

Allure does not just have these giveaways one month a year. In fact, they typically have giveaways the first full week of each month!

I entered some of these giveaways a couple years ago and had some success. When you submit your information, you are not told if you were one of the first 500 people. The only way you know is when the mailman comes to your door with a surprise! There was a huge discrepancy in when the packages came, which made it all the more exciting.

I highly recommend giving these giveaways a try!