Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Victoria's Secret Underwear

How much are you willing to spend on underwear?  My price point* used to be $1, but now it is $0.  This is all thanks to Victoria Secret's Pink Nation club.  Sign up for Pink Nation and you will soon be receiving coupons via snail mail for free underwear - no purchase required!  I haven't figured out their strategy as to when they send the coupons.  There was one stretch during which I was receiving the coupons every month.  Then there were months that went by without any coupons.  However, I've received them the last two months...including today!  I have never made a purchase along with the free underwear and the cashiers have always been very friendly about it. 

Go get your "coup" on and sign up for some free underwear!

*A price point is how much you try to spend on an item. 

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