Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do You Stonyfield?

If you are an organic nut then you are probably acquainted with Stonyfield dairy products.  If you aren't, I'm about to enlighten you.  Stonyfield makes delicious yogurts, including the Yo' Baby and Oikos Greek Yogurts line.  Their products are made with all natural, organic ingredients and taste delicious (I recommend the peach yogurt)!  Like most companies now days they have their own rewards program.  Now before you roll your eyes and say "not another rewards program," let me tell you a little bit about it.  
You can sign up for the rewards program at  Each time you purchase one of their products you can enter the code from that product on their website to earn rewards.  For instance, a 6oz yogurt earns you 1 point, a 32 oz yogurt earns you 5 points.  There are a lot of great rewards in the 10-25 point range. These include things like free Stonyfield products, free magazine subscriptions to organic magazines, and other free organic food products (not just Stonyfield brand).  Also, each month there is a new yogurt top with free giveaways.  For example, last month they had a US Open Getaway Sweepstakes.  This month, they are offering a free e-cookbook!
Another bonus to signing up for the rewards program is you get access to printable coupons!  Plus, their website is full of great videos, newsletters and great info on eating organic.
So if you haven't already, try Stonyfield yogurt.  I like to use it in my bread baking!  Head on over to my other blog, domesticallyinept? to get a great homemade bread recipe that uses Stonyfield yogurt!

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