Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great Coffee Deals + 12.5% Cashback at!

Walmart. Save Money. Live Better.
Some days, it pays to shop online!  If you haven't been taking advantage of the great deals from Shopathome for their 10th birthday, then you need too.  Through August 21st they are giving an extra 10% back at select stores, including Walmart!  This means that you'll receive 12.5% cash back from online purchases rather than the usual 2.5%.  Wow!
PLUS, I was perusing the Walmart website and found they have some terrific deals on coffee.  Paired with the 12.5% cash back from Shopathome, this is definitely the time for stocking up on some coffee!  Here's just a few of their great deals:
Keurig K-Cup Newman's Organic Coffee, 18 ct, 2 Pack
Looks like Keurig K-cups are just $0.66 each at  For instance, Newman's Own Organic K-cups, 18 ct 2 pack is on sale for $23.76!  That's 36 K-cups at $0.66 each!
Starbucks Ground Colombia Coffee, 12 oz, 3 Pack
Looks like most bags of Starbucks are $8.88/12 oz bag, BUT select styles are even cheaper.  Take for instance this Colombia Medium Roast blend.  You can score a 3 pack (that's 36 oz of coffee) for $23.34!  That's just $0.64 per ounce!
Folgers Mountain Grown Dark Black Silk Ground Coffee, 27.8 oz,2 Pack
Grab a 2-pack of Folger's Black Silk Coffee 27.8 oz for $18.56.  That breaks down to $0.33 per ounce!  By the way, I've been using this particular blend of coffee for about a month now and its really good!

So with school starting and the chilly autumn days ahead of us, now is the time to stock up on your favorite blends.  Be sure to go through Shopathome to maximize your savings!  Even better, looks like most of these items qualify for FREE SHIPPING to home!

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