Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go Drink "The Juice"!

Have you ever heard of Juice in the City?  I hadn't until a few minutes ago.  It is one of those "deal a day" sites like Groupon, but this one is focused on moms.  Gaggle of Chicks used to fill this niche, but now they are drinking "the Juice" (aka Gaggle of Chicks was bought out by Juice in the City).  It's worth signing up for deal e-mail alerts and creating an account so you'll be ready to purchase a Juicy Deal as it comes about!

Juice in the City has a referral program - when a friend signs up through your referral link and purchases a deal, you receive a $10 credit in your tell all your fellow moms at the next playgroup.

Go get your "juice" on...and to make it even more fun, listen to "Juicy" while you're doing it ;)

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