Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A Woot-Off

It's a WHAT off?  It's a woot-off!

For all you Woot-aholics out there, today is what you live for - a woot-off!  Woot is typically a deal-a-day site that sells a single item until it is out of stock or the end of the day, whichever happens first.  During woot-offs, a single item is offered until an undisclosed amount (usually a relatively small amount) of them are sold, and then another item is offered.  It is a fast paced day that reveals many deals...if you are smart about when to buy and when to hold off.  You can easily get caught up in the fun of it all and buy something you later regret.  This fast paced scenario does not allow you much time to be practical consumer, but you just might find something you never knew you needed!

The woot-off is going on at:
  • woot.com
  • wine.woot.com
  • kids.woot.com
Go get your "woot" off!

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