Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Entertainment Book: To Buy Or Not To Buy? ...Buy Today.

That is the question.  I have purchased the Entertainment Book many times, sometimes to get good deals and sometimes to support the organization selling the books.  A couple years ago I finally did the analysis to find out whether or not I was actually saving money by spending money on the book.  I kept track of each time I used a coupon from the book and marked down how much money I felt that coupon saved me - which in my eyes is totally different than the menu price of a free item.  I subtracted the price of the book from all my savings...and it came out to be a total wash!  

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are pondering the idea of purchasing one:
  1. Does your local book have restaurants that you like?
  2. Do you like to try new restaurants?
  3. Is there a charitable organization that you want to support that sells this book?
  4. Do you understand that owning the book might cause you to go out to eat more and that you might actually spend more money out of pocket?
If you've decided on YES, today's not a bad day to pull the trigger.  The WILD (Web's Incredible Limited Deals) offer over at ShopAtHome today is 50% cash back on Entertainment Books (was 20%).  There is free shipping on the books as well.  If your local book is priced at $35 online, I've noticed that charitable organizations will charge $30 and there might be extra bonus coupons on the front cover.  $17.50 can't be beat, though, unless you wait a few months.

Go get your "entertaining" on!

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